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Garden Lily - verzorging

Garden Lily

From late April to September, I am the perfect plant to cheer up your garden, patio or balcony with my large fragrant flowers. Put me in a sheltered, light place and keep the soil moist. Every week a little fertilizer does me good. Plant my bulb about 10cm deep in the ground, or put me in a large pot. Remove my outgrown flowers regularly.

Everlasting Lily

Let me quietly die off in the autumn, leave my bulb in the ground and remove plant residues. I'm back in your garden next year in full bloom at the beginning of the summer. If you keep me in a pot, put me in a cool dry place free from frost and keep my ground a bit damp.

The stamens of my flowers can leave stains on your clothing. Knock the dust out of the garment and hang in the sun, you can also remove the stains with sticky tape.

Although I am environmentally friendly, you can not eat me.